Welcome to my personal page!

I am Tibor Borsos,

the creator and owner of Bioanalytical Solutions, a consultancy specialising in training and supporting analytical labs, especially in the field of LC-MS bioanalysis.

I offer expertise to laboratories of pharmaceutical companies, universities,
start-ups and CROs.

My ”end-to-end” services include finding the best instrumentation to your needs, process planning, staff training, and much more!

About Me

I am a chemist with over 13 years' experience in analytical chemistry in the pharma and CRO industry. I have worked under GMP, GLP and GC(L)P regulated areas, with a wide range of instrumentation and studies.

I have experience in PK/TK data management and was a user of WinNonlin for NCA and BE confidence interval calculations. I also have experience with data management according to CDISC standards.

I am familiar with the use of Watson LIMS, including setting up projects, study designs, decision trees, as well as sample management.

I have spent loads of hours into developing this site and its content and hope you and your company will be able to make a good use of it.


Scientific education

Training programmes: development and execution of tailored company trainings

Online trainings: learn and gain practical skills at your own pace, whenever you want. Test your knowledge before receiving a certificate

Microsoft Excel and Word training: master your spreadsheets and reports, and learn the basics of macro writing

Laboratory and regulatory

Providing remote or on-site expertise for GLP/GCP regulated bioanalytical studies

Scientific review of contracts, pricing, lab metrics and KPIs

Process review and development: get effective with speeding up workflows. Drafting, reviewing and updating policies, SOPs, forms and study plan/report templates

What is the scope of Bioanalytical Solutions?

When I started working with LC-MS, it wasn’t easy to find relevant information, either free or not, especially if my search was related to practical knowledge.

That’s why I created Bioanalytical Solutions. Among my purposes are

To save time for you so that you can easily find relevant knowledge
To make available a range of bioanalysis related scientific calculations at a single place
To give you access to great training materials, as well as a collection of all the related guidelines and regulations
To make things convenient for you

I provide practical tutorials for basic laboratory skills (health and safety, balances, pipettes, mixers, centrifuges, fridges and freezers, etc.), basic and advanced level HPLC and LC-MS trainings. You can also learn about method development strategies and sample preparation techniques (e.g. PPT, LLE, SLE, SPE), as well as troubleshooting.

Please contact me if you would like to get more information or have any suggestions for me.

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Do you have any notes or queries?

I am more than happy to take your valuable suggestions related to site content, potential improvements, as well as suggestions on any new content, topics that would be of your interest!