What is the scope of Bioanalytical Solutions?

When I started working with LC-MS, it wasn’t easy to find relevant information, either free or not, especially if my search was related to practical knowledge.

That’s why I created Bioanalytical Solutions. Among my purposes are

To save time for you so that you can easily find relevant knowledge
To make available a range of bioanalysis related scientific calculations at a single place
To give you access to great training materials, as well as a collection of all the related guidelines and regulations
To make things convenient for you

I provide practical tutorials for basic laboratory skills (health and safety, balances, pipettes, mixers, centrifuges, fridges and freezers, etc.), basic and advanced level HPLC and LC-MS trainings. You can also learn about method development strategies and sample preparation techniques (e.g. PPT, LLE, SLE, SPE), as well as troubleshooting.

Please contact me if you would like to get more information or have any suggestions for me.